Executive Intelligence Review – George Soros; Drug Pusher for the Queen and Obama’s Coups and Dirty Politics


EIR: http://www.larouchepub.com/eiw/public/1997/eirv24n35-19970829/eirv24n35-19970829.php

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Enemies Of The State,Hillary And Obama Funded By George Soros Destroying Your Rights At The U.N.

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Soros backs the “Democracy Riots” and U.S. Coup in Kiev Ukraine, arming the Nazi idiot, and Puppet President of Ukraine; Pietro Poroshenko. But, since I am presently sick and need to push on to my chores; I will post the proof of this, later on tonight.

Gossip has it George Soros has painted the interior of his NY house black. Maybe he’s functionally insane, should be on meds, or is on meds. Anyone who thinks he’s god is definitely out of touch with reality.

The only prayer I can honestly think to pray for him is a little ditty I just made up…,

“God bless the political idiots today to not go out and mess up our day.”

I rather hope God doesn’t mind my little addendum’s on His Words to “bless our enemies.” I don’t mind being honest with God while I pray. It’s not like He doesn’t know my mind.