A baby otter named Pup 681

Fellowship of the Minds

Have you ever seen anything cuter than this? 

baby otter Pup 681

It’s not a koala bear.

This cute fuzzy little girl is a baby otter!

Her name is the not-very-imaginative Pup 681.

The Los Angeles Times reports, Nov. 5, 2014, that a beachgoer found the abandoned 2-lb baby sea otter while taking an evening stroll Sept. 30 along Coastways Beach between Santa Cruz and San Mateo.

The beachgoer heard the newborn pup crying and notified marine officials. But rescuers at the time couldn’t reach the pup because it was in a remote location and darkness was falling. The following morning, “Pup 681” was rescued and taken to Monterey Bay Aquarium, where experts quickly set about fattening her up given that she had been separated from her mother for an estimated least 16 hours or more.

After receiving around-the-clock care at the aquarium for four weeks, “Pup 681″ — a member of the threatened…

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