Would the Pilgrims want to come to America today?

I doubt it

Reclaim Our Republic

November 27, 2014 by Allen West

I met Nate Grasz at a retreat sponsored by the Centennial Institute of Colorado Christian University back in September. He is one heck of a fella — astute, articulate, highly intelligent, and a committed Christian conservative. Nate sent me a blog piece he wrote for Thanksgiving as part of the 1776 Scholars, which seeks to promote faith, family, freedom, and future for the next generation of patriotic young Americans. He serves as an administrator, editor, and author to the 1776 Scholars blog. His goal is to bring awareness, understanding, and thought-provoking discussion to important issues for millennials.

I am reposting his piece here as a message not just to millennials, but to all of us — indeed would the Pilgrims want to come to America today? Or would they see it as the England they sought to flee because of religious persecution by the…

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