Congress Moves to Block EPA’s Land Grab

Reclaim Our Republic

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy signs a proposal to cut carbon pollution in Washington
December 02, 2014 by Ron Arnold

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy, underestimating congressional oversight power, defiantly said she ‘has no intention of backing down on major environmental initiatives to fight climate change and improve air and water quality.’ (Photo: REUTERS/Joshua Roberts/Newscom)

Ron Arnold is a free-enterprise activist, author and commentator. He pioneered investigative methods to expose money and power links of the American left in nine books and hundreds of magazine and newspaper articles. He is a veteran consultant for non-profit organizations and businesses faced with crisis situations and governmental abuses.

Republican lawmakers are pushing hard to corral President Obama’s rogue Environmental Protection Agency with stringent bills and a blunt warning against finalizing its most dangerous land grab ever, the pending redefinition of “Waters of the United States,” or WOTUS, which would seize power over almost any property that gets wet regardless of what it is or who owns it.


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