California immigrants soon can seek driver’s licenses

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Sacramento Bee: The powerful storm lashing Sacramento kept many people home last Thursday, but Rosario Aguilar was not among them. After eight years of living and driving unlawfully in California, the chance to get a legitimate license led him through sheets of rain to an information session held at a community services center tucked behind an Autozone on Fruitridge Road.

“It’s very important,” Aguilar said in Spanish, a gray hoodie cinched tightly around his head. He said his job pouring concrete at construction sites requires him to drive extensively. “The license,” he said, “we want it, practically, so we can drive obeying the laws of California, which I think is a big step.”

State officials are encouraging more than a million undocumented immigrants illegal aliens living in California to step forward and apply for licenses. Reactions in the immigrant community, Aguilar said, span a spectrum.

“There’s two things:…

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