Limbaugh: Jeb Setting Up ‘Sacrificial Run’ For Establishment To ‘Head Off The Tea Party’

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With Jeb Bush announcing Tuesday morning that he will “actively explore the possibility” of running for president in 2016, radio host Rush Limbaugh said Bush is setting up a “sacrificial run” to make sure a “tea party-type” does not get the nomination.

Limbaugh added that Bush is being viewed by the “big-money donor class” and the establishment as a “savior,” and that the establishment wants nothing more, calling it their “wildest dream,” to “render the tea party, conservatives an irrelevant factor.”

“You want to know why Jeb Bush is thinking about running?” Limbaugh asked Tuesday.

“He’s…being looked at as savior by the big-money donor class and the consultant class, the establishment of the party, to head off the tea party,” Limbaugh said. “They’re gonna pull out all the stops to make sure that a tea-party-type conservative doesn’t get the nomination.”

“It could be a sacrificial run just…

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