Mark Kirk, Surgeon General, Terry McAuliffe Want Our Guns while support for guns in homes at all-time high in USA

Reclaim Our Republic

-Surgeon General Confirmation a MASSIVE BLOW to Pro Gun Groups
-Republican Senator Mark Kirk of Illinois Just Slapped 2nd Amendment Activists In The Face
gun  Hitler confiscation
12.16.2014 by Yehuda Remer

In a massive blow to the pro-gun community, the Senate has confirmed Obama’s nomination for America’s next surgeon general.

Dr. Vivek Murthy was confirmed by a vote of 51-43 in a major defeat against the NRA and many other gun groups. Murthy has been criticized for his gun stance believing it to be a public health issue. writes that the NRA, “fears the Obama Administration may be attempting to use the Office of the Surgeon General to launch an anti-gun agenda.”

In a December 9th letter written by Chris Cox, the NRA’s executive Director for Legislative Action, and sent to Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell, Cox wrote, “Dr. Murthy’s political activism on behalf of a radical gun control agenda compromises his…

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