Southern Seasons Cooking School – Cornbread

La Buena Vida

I have never been much of a cornbread fan, I think because more times than not, when I have eaten it I have found it to be dry and lacking flavor. I know many Americans hold a special place for these quick breads in their heart so when I saw Cornbread on the list of classes at the Southern Seasons Cooking School, I decided to broaden my horizon and see what I have been missing.


Hushpuppies with Caramelized Onions

Cornbread Cakes with Pork Carnitas

Cornbread Panzanella with Black Eyed Peas, Spinach, Corn and Tomatoes

Spoon Bread with Shrimp and Lemon Cream

Buttermilk Pie with Cornmeal Crust

The class started out with an offering of water, tea and Ouro Verde Vinho Verde wine.  Not a fan of white wine but this one I could definitely sip on once in a while. Class instructors Marilyn Markel and Willard Doxey opened up the class with a conversation…

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