Pay attention to Qatar! Funding and promoting the Muslim migration to the West?

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Blazing Cat Furhas a post yesterday entitled: ‘Al Jazeera ‘Voice of Qatar’ nags Europe and Canada about taking Syrian refugees’, with this commentary:

Qatar has been blamed for financing the Islamic fanatics that are making a solution impossible. They have also not taken in any refugees themselves.

Looks like a plan to Islamize the West.

It is true, that like Saudi Arabia, Qatar takes no refugees. Read it all.

By the way, in 2013, Daniel Pipes penned a logical piece suggesting that Muslim refugees go to appropriate cultural zones and mentioned wealthy Qatar as one of the most desirable resettlement countries:

To place Syrians in “countries better able to afford to host them,” as Guterres delicately puts it, one need simply divert attention from the Christian-majority West toward the vast, empty expanses of the fabulously wealthy Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as well as the smaller but…

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