Penn State researchers miss obvious visual clues on “glacier melt” – black carbon and sublimation

Watts Up With That?

From Penn State, note there’s no meltwater in this PSU provided photo, but there is evidence of black carbon (which increases solar radiation uptake) and sublimation (which due to a lack of precipitation, causes evaporation of ice directly into the air).

greenland-ice-sublimation This image shows a portion of the edge of the Greenland Ice Sheet. Credit: Patrick Applegate, Penn State

Greenland Ice: The warmer it gets the faster it melts

Melting of glacial ice will probably raise sea level around the globe, but how fast this melting will happen is uncertain. In the case of the Greenland Ice Sheet, the more temperatures increase, the faster the ice will melt, according to computer model experiments by Penn State geoscientists.

“Although lots of people have thought about sea level rise from the ice sheets, we don’t really know how fast that will happen,” said Patrick Applegate, research associate, Penn State’s Earth and Environmental…

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