Repent and Believe in the Gospel!

Choosing God


“Repent, and believe in the Gospel!”

That is the message that marks the beginning of this Lenten season, a season where we Christians prepare our hearts to receive redemption through Christ by fasting, almsgiving, and especially penance. While the necessity of preparing for Christ seems like Theology 101, it is actually a message that seems increasingly muddled today.

We are, after all, surrounded by a somewhat infantile, “I-want-it-my-way” and “I-want-it-now” world that mocks the necessity of preparing for much of anything. Friendship is measured by one’s ability to accept an invitation on Facebook, not by one’s willingness to work on an actual relationship. Ordinary people become social media superstars and are deemed experts on complicated political, social, theological, or educational issues without having to acquire the first degree. Kids receive awards for their mere presence, not for the sweat and sacrifices that actually bolster their performance. Credit cards tell consumers…

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