Pope: It’s ugly when fights divide families.

Well, then the Pope and his merry band of Catholic dissenters should start by not suing fellow Catholics who happen to be conservative. Because everyone can see the board of hypocrisy in Pope Francis’ eye and his unwillingness to convert from his own personal snarky sins.

It’s always more believable when a person converts themselves first, before going off on others to convert. And, if the Pope is not listening to conservative Catholics, I dare say he’s not listening to the Holy Spirit nor Mary, Mother of the Church, either.

I get it that Pope Francis preaches well. However, his disordered off-the-cuff remarks are liken to those of a crazy uncle at a picnic whose greatest joy is to be obnoxious. And, frankly, folks will stop listening to a person who gives mixed messages.

My only hope for this Pope is that he begins, to practice what he preaches. And, I will pray for him daily, to do so.

Yep. I’m Catholic.


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