MDOT estimates funding if roads sales tax passes

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — The Michigan Department of Transportation has put together an estimate of what each Michigan city and county will receive if a statewide sales tax hike is approved by voters in May.

The 1-precent sales tax increase — the result of an 11th-hour deal in last year’s lame-duck session — would raise about $1.2 billion annually for the next decades for roads.

MDOT figured out the numbers based on the state’s formula outlined in Public Act 51. The estimate shows what an area’s current level of funding is and what it will be over the next three years if the measure passes.

“Of course it’s critically important to Grand Rapids that this statewide roads millage pass,” Mayor George Heartwell said Tuesday night.

For the city of Grand Rapids, the statewide tax hike’s passage would mean about $9 million more in road…

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