Pope Francis: No matter what the crime, ‘the death penalty is inadmissible’


Pope Francis celebrates Mass for the Feast of the Presentation of Jesus at the Temple in St. Peter's Basilica, Feb. 2, 2015. Credit: Daniel Ibáñez/CNA..- Regardless of the crime that has been committed, capital punishment is unacceptable in the modern world, Pope Francis stressed in a recent letter.

“Nowadays the death penalty is inadmissible, no matter how serious the crime committed,” the Pope said.

“It is an offence against the inviolability of life and the dignity of the human person, which contradicts God’s plan for man and society, and his merciful justice, and impedes the penalty from fulfilling any just objective. It does not render justice to the victims, but rather fosters vengeance.”

Pope Francis’ words came in a letter to Federico Mayor, president of the International Commission against the Death Penalty. The Pope held an audience with a delegation from the commission March 20.

In his letter, he reflected on Church teaching, based on Scripture and thousands of years of experience, in defending the sanctity of human life from…

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