A Psalm for our time

Eureka Moments clearly wake us up to God’s Provident Hand and Continual Warnings.

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I was praying Compline last night when a Psalm I’ve read probably hundreds of times suddenly penetrated the depleted uranium of my skull and caused a “Eureka!” moment.  Psalm 11 is the perfect Pslam for our time!  Wow…….how could I have missed it so many times before.

Yes, that’s the kind of penetrating analysis you pay absolutely nothing for here at veneremurcernui.  You get exactly what you pay for it.

Anyhoo……the Psalm, first from the Baronius Press Roman Breviary:

Save me, O Lord!  For no one now is faithful; truth has vanished from the sons of men.

Everyone speaks falsehood to his neighbor; with deceitful lips and a double heart they speak.

May the Lord destroy all deceitful lips, and the boastful tongue,

Those who say “We will glory in our eloquence; our lips are our own, who is our master?”

Because of the misery of the needy and…

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