Bishop Vera Lopez of Saltillo: “Homosexuals” will save the Church

Lord, save us from these perversities!

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Immediately before the formal start of the Synod, an organization that is the public face of the radical sodomite lobby in the Church (and among the clergy) held a conference in Rome.  This conference took place on Oct. 3, the day before the Synod kicked off.  There is also evidence this group was tied into the very visible “coming out” of Polish Fr. Charamsa.  The conference featured many of the most notable advocates of the “normalization” of sins which cry to Heaven for vengeance, including the notorious Sister Jeanine Gramick and Bishop Vera Lopez of Saltillo, MX.

While most of the rhetoric at the conference was forgettable sexular pagan boilerplate, the involvement of Bishop Vera Lopez is of particular note. He has faced well-merited criticism for years for his very openly pro-perversion stance, having made numerous statements that have been as damaging as they are openly contrary to the…

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