If you don’t know what Agenda 21 is, or are afraid to ask .. READ THIS!

The Big Green Lie

When anyone tries to inform another person what Agenda 21 is and how it is a really bad thing coming “down the pipe from the U.N.” right into their very own back yard Council, they usually get a strange look of either bewilderment or downright dismissal as if that person is a lunatic!

Agenda 21 has been intentionally written in such a way that one’s eyes usually begin to “glaze over” after only the first few pages of words that sound like an alien race had written them and seem “almost understandable” but not quite!

This document is actually the “blueprint” for a Global Government to replace every freely elected individual and Government in the World!

Read the following and you will “understand” why people are both scared of the Agenda 21 declarations and mad as hell that an organization as big as the United Nations would even attempt to put…

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