Bishop-Martyr who refused to submit to islam to be beatified Aug 29

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Syriac-Catholic Bishop Flavien-Michel Malké is to be beatified by Pope Francis Aug 29.  A convert from Orthodoxy, Bishop Flavien-Michel-MalkéMalke was martyred after refusing to convert to the false religion of islam in 1915, during the Armenian Genocide which was really a more general genocide by Ottoman muslims against all Christians in present-day Turkey.  From the 1870s to the early 1920s, the muslim Turks managed to kill or drive into exile nearly 10 million Christians, eliminating almost ALL Christian presence from one of our most ancient homelands.  May God have mercy on them for the evil they continue to commit, even to this day, and may all who belong to this false religion experience the grace of conversion to the Faith they so diabolically persecute (initial commentary by Robert Spencer):

Nowadays Bishop Flavien-Michel Malké’s feckless successors among the U.S. Catholic bishops bow and scrape before the children and heirs of those…

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