When You Cruz You Lose –


CRUZ 90.jpg

I have to say I read this article about Ted Cruz and I just loved it!  I wanted to give it a hug.  It said exactly what I have been feeling and trying to point out.  I have called Cruz the Shakespeare guy because of his flamboyancy when delivering a speech to his audience on stage.  It’s quite a sight. Now I have had a confirmation from another observer.

I mean if you haven’t seen Cruz in action. You haven’t seen Cruz. Imagine you are at a speech he is giving and you are in the front row.  You are now watching him.  He says a few memorized words then goes into an arm thrust pose, followed by a dramatic speech as he poses for a moment (which to me seems like an eternity) then he peaks out of the corner of his eye in a very coy (but obvious) manner to see if anyone is watching. When he sees they are, he grins. Then…

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