What Does The Church Teach About Oral Sex? – Busted Halo

What Does The Church Teach About Oral Sex? – Busted Halo

Catholic Church Always Taught that ORAL SEX WAS WRONG. I agree only in part, what this article says. Having experiential wisdom in marriage, one knows that this article lacks the spiritual wisdom and direction of Casti Cunnubbii and Humanae Vitae. 

I only have a woman’s perspective – but, no woman wants to “kiss her husband” who has tried oral sex, on you. It breaks the unity of the Marital Act to acting like Dogs Do.

MARITAL COUPLES ARE NOT DOGS. They have a brain and a soul and a body. No woman, in her right mind, fondly recalls an Oral Sex Act. 

So, trust SOUND CATHOLICISM – Not the BUSTED HALO VERSION of Catholicism. Just their Radio Show’s title tells you all you need to know about how they approach Catholicism – like it is a JOKE – not a “Way of Life.”

So Do Your Own Homework! Please Read these Two Encyclicals and Pope JP2’s Book: 

(1) Humanae Vitae

(2) Casti Canubbii 

(3) Love & Responsbility Pope JP2


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