The Fruits: Peace

The Divine Antidote

St. Paul places Peace as the third Fruit of the Holy Spirit after Charity and Joy. In our lives, we all want and need Love, Joy and Peace, but in today’s world there are virtually none of these three realities of the Holy Spirit, as Satan has blinded almost everyone and led them away from God and the Virtues, Gifts, Charisms and Beatitudes of the Holy Spirit. The Charisms are the gifts of service to others (prophecy, healing, teaching, etc.) while the Beatitudes are the Virtues and Gifts taken to the extreme of perfection in this life (Blessed are the Peacemakers, etc.).

Archbishop Martinez explains for us: “St. Thomas (Aquinas) teaches us that Peace is the perfection of Joy….This full joy cannot be disturbed or snatched away; it is possessed in absolute and complete serenity….Peace is the singular pleasure that we experience when we taste the joys of our soul…

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